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Welcome to 2008!!!!!!!

(Retired from this business now! 2008 was our last year.)

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For nearly 40 years we were involved in promoting and managing a wide variety of 4 wheel drive truck events across the northeast. We retired from that business after one last event in 2009. Thanks to all of you who were involved in those efforts! (Scroll down for a few pictures showing what this was all about.)

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Congratulations to our 2006 and last ever Driver of the Year:

Jeff Donahue & "Twisted Metal"


Below: Jeff Donahue & "Twisted Metal in 2003

Below - One of our most televised wrecks!

Several million viewers have seen the video clip of the above wreck, shown on various national reality TV shows and local newscasts! End over end 3 times! The driver walked away with a slight cut.





Below: Dale Lewis & "Fast Lane Fever"

Special Congratulations to former SEASON CHAMPIONS:

Jeff Donahue and "Twisted Metal" in 2006; Dale Lewis & Fast Lane Fever in 2005, Jeff Donahue and "Twisted Metal" in 2004, Dale Lewis & "Fast Lane Fever" - 2003, Bert Hart & "Big Red" 2002, Tim Porter & "Mud Magnet" (1999, 2000, 2001), Bill Wirth & "Mudness" - 1998; Bill Morich & "High Voltage" - 1997 & 1996; Hub Farr & "Cross Fire" - 1995; Randy Krotz - 1994; Steve Dodge & "S & S Express" - 1993 & 1992; Randy Rossow - 1991 & 1990; Jim Freeman - 1989; Brad London - 1988; Larry Schmidt - 1982 to 1987; Bob Meissner - 1981; Mike Weber - 1980 - GREAT CHAMPIONS, ALL!!!!


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Directions to all tracks are listed below - scroll through for this week's race:


"The Bump"

The "Bump" track is located just off NY#79 in Slaterville, NY. From Syracuse or Binghamton, take I-81 to the NY #79 exit in Whitney Point. Then take 79 west for about 20 miles until you see the sign for Slaterville. Watch for Buffalo Road on your left - it will be a few hundred yards before a convenience store and gas station on your right. Turn left on Buffalo road and go about two miles up a long hill. Then watch for the "Mud Race" signs on your right.

Coming from Ithaca, take 79 east and watch for the Slaterville sign; then watch for the convenience store on the left and then Buffalo Road on your right.